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Graveler is a Rock-type/Ground-type Rock Pokémon.

It evolved form of Geodude and evolves into Golem when traded.

In Alola, Graveler has a regional variant that is Rock-type/Electric-type. It evolved form of Alolan Geodude and evolves into Alolan Golem when traded.


Graveler is a living, bipedal boulder. It has a rocky crest about its small eyes. It has four arms, each with a three-fingered hand. It was shown in Pokémon Snap that, despite having legs, it can revert to a legless form. This grants it the ability to float.

Its preferred locomotion is rolling, specifically because it is a slow walker. It often rolls down mountain paths at high speeds, crushing objects in the way and stopping by running into huge rocks. If it breaks or shatters, it has the ability to restore itself overtime. Graveler climbs a mountain from base to summit, feasting on rocks all the while. Upon reaching the peak, Graveler rolls down to the bottom. Graveler can be often found on mountain trails.

The Alolan Graveler looks similar to their regular counterpart, with the addition of dravite crystals on parts of its body, and iron sand attracted by magnetism. This iron sand is concentrated above its eyes, giving the appearance of a uni-brow. There are also iron sand hairs on its outer arms and the sides of its face. The Alolan Graveler lacks defined digits on its upper limbs and has two toes on each foot rather than three.